Thursday, December 3, 2009

Swiss gun control.

I submit to you my views:

Many of you who know me know I am a staunch supporter of the United States Constitution. I believe in the American people's right to do what they want without government interference, unless of course these actions harm another person. Want to be a Catholic, gay, Muslim, atheist, straight, gun owner, non-gun owner, rodeo clown, fat, or heaven forbid.... make your own health care decisions. Go right ahead and do it. Be or do all of those at the same time, I don't care. In fact I respect you for being an adult and finding something you do believe in.

I do have a few conditions however. Number one, work. Yes I have a job, I pay taxes, and I will gladly pay them to keep the country safe and REASONABLY regulated.
I will even allow part of those taxes to provide necessities for the unemployed under the condition they were formerly employed. Work as a dishwasher for 5 years after high school and lost your job because your restaurant closed? Fine, here's some help until you can get back on your feet. Fought for our country, then worked 50 years in the private sector? Awesome, thanks for all you've done, here is money to live on in your retirement years and health insurance until your very last day on this earth. Dropped out of high school, and got knocked up at 16 in the back of a Kia? Screw you, you're on your own. Your daddy and his "baby momma" on welfare, you never gave two shits in school, and you want your welfare check now that your 18? Screw off, get a job, sign up for the military, or go back to school. What's that you say? Your last dose of Heroin in NPW (normal puddle water) was bad and you have an abscess on your arm from when you shot up? Sorry dude, it's gonna be hard to hold up your sign and change cup with one arm. Want to come to the hospital and get treated? For free? Nope. Because my friend this is how we learn. I am a firm believer that if you put absolutely nothing into society, you should get nothing out of it. Other countries that do this are called "Socialist". Something that the White House assures us our president is not. His policies, ideals, and cabinet members seem like they are. But that simply because we are stupid, tax paying, heartless voters who simply just don't know any better.

There is one thing that will keep our country from turning into a complete and total failure. It is the Constitution. Our founding fathers weren't stupid. They saw all this coming. The knew all too well that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. They built safeguards into the system. The first ten amendments, the "Bill of Rights". Not just a list of rights the government grants us in the eyes of it's creators. But a list of rights that are given and ought to be given to every person by which ever god you believe in, that the government recognized and agreed not to screw with. I am not a religious person at all. But the right to assemble, protest, due process, protection from unreasonable search and seizure, and the right to own a firearm are rights we were born with. By that logic it is impossible for any government to take them away.

This youtube video tells it quite well. This is the telling video of methods of Swiss gun control. I think the commentary and stats speak for themselves.

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  1. Well, well, well, look who is back. . . First, let me say bravo on the video, if I weren't rooted here I would pack up and move my happy ass to Switzerland. . . Hot chicks, cool weather, chocolate, massages, but I digress. . . Back to the topic at hand, but where to begin? Well, lets start at the top (of the post) and work in a logical progression downwards.

    First of all, for those who are on welfare, foodstamps, WIC, or whatever other happy name there is for it, do you really deserve it? I agree with Mark in the respect that if you were a contributing member of society and are now a victim of circumstance, I'm sorry and yes the Government should help you. BUT ONLY TEMPORARILY. Make a Goddamned effort to get back on the fucking horse!

    If you are a worthless piece of shit who is too fucking lazy to get a job and plan on living off of my work ethic, fuck you. I believe that being unemployed is a choice for most, probably 1/10 of 1 % of people who aren't working have a legitimate reason why. Being a fat, incompetent, retard, who can't tie their own shoes is not an excuse, go bag groceries at a supermarket. Being lazy is not an excuse, being addicted to drugs is a choice, having a kid when your 16 because you're stupid, is a choice. You do not deserve anything from this government for making poor choices in life, in fact, we should send you all to your own isolated colony and watch you cannibalize each other and stop wasting my oxygen.

    We should stop supporting the leaches of society and watch our debt diminish. I'm tired of watching my paycheck shrink to support some worthless dickhead who is at home in his double wide in AJ fucking his sister and won't get a job because he "can't". Are you fucking kidding me?!

    On the topic of gun ownership, as Mark said it is a right written into the foundation of this country. All of you liberal retards can pass anti-gun laws until you are blue in the face but it changes nothing. Why you ask? It's quite simple actually, laws only work for those who follow them to begin with.

    Drugs are illegal, are they not? Yet the underground drug trade is a multi-billion dollar industry, but it is ILLEGAL. It is the shit bags of society that don't obey the laws that fuel the drug trade, it is illegal but they don't care.

    Gun laws are very similar. You can take away my right to bear arms, good for you go fuck yourself. Now that you have taken away my guns, why isn't the crime rate going down? In fact, holy shit, the crime rate is going up you say? But how can that be, we banned guns! Well dipshit, its simple. . . Only the good, law abiding members of society respect the gun ban. The shit bag bottom feeders either ignored the ban completely or buy their guns like their drugs, in the underground pipeline. And now, thanks to you liberal pussy, I have no gun to defend myself or my family during a home invasion or when I get robbed in parking lot of the gas station. . . Way to solve the fucking problem jackass!

    But seriously, I pray to God that I will never see the day that I lose my right to bear arms. If it happens, as soon as it hits the media, you WILL see a dramatic rise in the violent crime and over all crime rate. Society is a bunch of sheep waiting to be preyed upon by the wolves. Will you be the sheep and be eaten? Or will you choose to be the Sheepdog and protect your flock from the wolves? You decide.