Monday, November 30, 2009

Just checking in.

It's been slow lately. I haven't been able to write any entertaining anecdotes. I am refraining from writing about politics for a while, if I wrote what I felt about our current cluster of elected (appointed) leaders the Secret Service may be knocking on my door. The holidays are coming up. Maybe that will provide something interesting to write about. Either from stories at work, or injuries sustained while dealing with the ever expanding branches of the family tree. Only on Christmas day can I log a full tank of gas and 200 some odd miles on the truck. Off-road season is upon us, combined with the winter weather moving into the northern recreational areas I am sure I will but up at least one good story from a rescue. Lets keep our fingers crossed that the human race doesn't become smarter in the next couple of months.

Although I will take this downtime to plug my favorite podcast of all time. The 2 Guys 1 Brain show hosted by Randy and Andy ( They are two corrections officers from the state of Washington. Highly recommended listening. I can guarantee that you will enjoy their shows. They are better than just about anything else broadcast on the radio.

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