Monday, December 3, 2012

Remora holsters review

I haven't posted product reviews, not sure if it is something I plan to do more often. But any rate here it goes. Recently I came across Remora Holsters on the vast interwebs. My first thought was immediate dismissal. In photos these holsters look to be nothing more than bigger versions of the common and cheap pocket holsters. However I needed a pocket holster so I tried I one. I figure at worst, I end up with a decent pocket holster, at best, it works as intended.

My initial thoughts couldn't be further from my assumptions. The built quality is more substantial than that of the typical pocket holster. What is most apparent is the heavy, high resistance rubber found on the outside of the holster body. The idea is that this material is substantial enough to anchor the holster in the waistband and keep it from moving. As a matter of fact it works so well it was difficult to remove from the plastic bag it was shipped in.

The inside of the holster is made from a substantial feeling nylon material. In between the two layers appears to be a neoprene like material. I am unsure of what it actually is, but it is thick enough to keep the bits and pieces sticking out from the gun from sticking you in the side, yet thin enough to add virtually no width to the gun.

Carrying the gun inside the waistband proved easy with a small .380. It worked well in just elastic band shorts. I was very impressed with the small sized holster, so I decided to try it with a bigger, heavier gun. I ordered one for a officer sized 1911. The model in particular was a Rock Island compact. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, even with the significant weight of an all steel gun, the holster didn't move at all. It stays anchored well against an undershirt. But even more surprising, it is completely anchored against skin.

The .380 model was ordered with their one handed re-holsering option. This is essentially a piece of plastic sewn into the holster mouth which allows it to stay open against the waistband of the pants. While it does make it easier to put the gun into the holster, it isn't quite one handed, but it beats taking the holster out and reinserting the whole affair. It does make pocket carry a bit more difficult.

Overall I am very impressed with these products. I can see myself quickly expanding my collection to handle most of my other often carried guns. Next on my list is giving their dual magazine carrier an honest try. I will update more with the results of that test. But so far, I have been converted to a Remora believer from a skeptic. When I first saw these I assumed these were another gun show fad designed to do nothing more than take money from gun owners pockets. But I was proven dead wrong, these are a simple but stunningly effective first rate product.

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