Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Surgery 1

Well for those of you that don't know already I will be having a surgery August 5th. Fortunately and Unfortunately the surgery will be at the hospital I work at. Three months of chronic lower back pain ultimately led to an MRI of the lumbar spine being done. Those images revealed a 2cm tumor in the spine. Surgery should be quick and easy. Hopefully I'll get some wicked bad ass tumor pictures to put up here. So far things seem to be going pretty smoothly, aside from the original back pain, but we will all have a nice sigh of relief after the pathology results come back. A week or so in the hospital, and some out patient physical therapy and hopefully I will be as good as new. Plus I will get a shiny new airport security pass to go with some new hardware. The plus side is I will have some free time at home to write more. I really haven't been as current with this site as I would like to be. Maybe I will piece together some articles or some kind of educational material. Or maybe I will be doing some mad rantings. Whatever the case, hopefully I will put some good stuff up.


  1. Good luck , man!

    Heal quickly!

  2. Good luck with the surgery, let us know if you need anything. I'll come by and pee in your IV line or something. I personally would prefer your "mad rantings" so that we can fully express ourselves as cunning linguists. Talk to you soon and insert generic Hallmark type phrase here.